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Modular construction is the process of using modules, manufactured in a factory environment which are transported to site and connected together to form a complete building. This method of construction has many advantages over traditional build techniques.

  • Factory manufacture means no delays due to on-site conditions like weather, ensuring a more dependable build programme

  • Factory conditions also ensure a higher quality product; workers operate in a comfortable environment where modules can be closely monitored throughout the construction process

  • Waste, and subsequently cost, is minimised. Material supplies are easier to control and virtually all waste is recycled

  • Manufacture of the modules can begin while foundations and other preparations are made on site, significantly speeding up the build process

  • Delivery and installation of modules can be very quick, reducing the impact of construction on the site

  • Modular buildings are easier to expand and can be relocated


Be prepared to change those preconcieved ideas on modular building

This is cutting edge technology

  • Modular buildings can be built to last. With high specification materials precision engineered expect these buildings to last a lifetime.  Modular construction is being used on some of the most ambitious projects in the world. (NEOM, The Red Sea, Dubai, Peru and in the UK Hotel segment)  

  • Some modular buildings are temporary, and this method of construction is perfect for socail housing, refugee camps and disaster relief

  • Buildings are made in a controlled factory environment and will generally be of higher quality than something built on site.  This is manufacturing excellence combined with new technology for completely unique outcome

  • Modular buildings can be beautiful. There is a wide range of options that you can choose from to improve the look of your building. Real brick and timber cladding, as well as render are just three options that can be used and combined however you see fit. We can also provide pitched tiled roofs to produce a totally traditional appearance. Building interiors are also fully customisable

  • Modular buildings can have large intrior spaces, just like traditional builds. Now it is simple to create large, open plan rooms using modular construction. These rooms are not just limited to offices, spaces like sports halls and conference centres are also possible

  • It is important to remember that modular buildings are subject to the same regulations as traditional buildings, and can therefore, be held to the same standard of quality, appearance and permanence.


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