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When natural disasters strike, or when humanitarian emergencies occur, affected populations urgently need medical care and medicines. In such situations, AVERNCO lends its support to immediate relief efforts through the provision of modular buildings and accompanying ICT systems,  We understand that shelter alone is not enough.  Operations rely on connectivity and collaboration wherever an whenever it is needed.  Our systems are able to  contribute to ensuring that healthcare professionals on the ground have access to the appropriate communications, connectivity, medical equipment and support services.  We cvan provide temporary or permenant facilities anywhere in the world and ensure these sites remain able to operate to and help  ensure patients and communities gain  access to medicines and ongoing healthcare in the aftermath of a crisis.


To ensure that the assistance provided is appropriate and coordinated, AVERCO are building upon their established partnerships with a range of expert medical, construction, technology and disaster relief organizations (United Nations agencies, intergovernmental or non-governmental organisations). Throug UK DIT and Export Finance we are able to leverage UK Government underwrites to support financial contributions which  support emergency operations and contry scale infrastructurte rebuilds (such as Peru, Brazil, Syria and Iraq). 


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