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The intense competition in today's business environment means that tourism and hospitality businesses have to work hard to maintain and develop their competitiveness. The success of a business, to certain extent, depends on its ability to acquire and utilize updated information to assist its management and marketing processes. Information Technology (IT) assists organization to manage information dynamically and influences business competitiveness through assisting decision makers to make appropriate investments and decisions. 

More strategically, IT is gradually reshaping the fundamental structure of industry and society  IT can generate the knowledge at the center of a business's competitiveness .

Tourism and hospitality are social phenomena, and the industries associated with them are largely application oriented. Researchers in this field have conducted, and will continue to conduct, research that generates innovative knowledge that will benefit these industries and ultimately society. As investment in and the adoption of IT are now indispensable components of the tourism and hospitality business, IT serves as a tool for both enabling and inducing change. As such, IT has recently drawn the attention of tourism and hospitality researchers worldwide, who have disseminated their findings in research journals. Niininen, Buhalis, and March (2007) demonstrated that IT supports consumer centricity, with consumers being able to use technology to select and customize their products as well as to personalize their experience.

In view of the paramount importance of IT applications in the tourism and hospitality industries and the absence of published articles that review the recent developments in this area, this article attempts to analyze the content of IT articles published in the major tourism and hospitality research journals in the period 2005 to 2007. This work will therefore be of use for readers in better understanding recent IT applications in tourism and hospitality from different perspectives.