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Why is high-quality infrastructure important?

Whether in the UK or in far flung parts of the world, ICT infrastructure is a vital component of an individual school's network and teaching capability. In some cases this could be a wider network connecting a group of schools.

Our systems comprise different systems, including:

Physical cabling and data connections

These form part of the building fabric, typically using copper cabling with fibre-optic links between buildings


These move data from one place to another and make sure it is routed correctly 


Wireless equipment

Wireless access points (WAPs) provide the wireless connectivity (wifi) required in various locations inside or outside a building, enabling users to connect to the internet and to other schools. This equipement includes routers, systems for security and filtering management systems to control and coordinate the in a cohesive, secure and effective way.

Good infrastructure will have a positive impact on the quality of lessons and the happiness and effectiveness of staff. Investment in infrastructure requires a sound strategy that looks several years ahead. We recommend the areas that will require your attention over the next 3 to 5 years are: 


What service and support contracts and warranties do you have in place for the systems that your school depends on?

Stability and performance

What works well and is trusted, and what causes frustration?


What plans do you have to increase educational use of cloud and online services in the short and medium term?


The ongoing running costs of poor ICT infrastructure can be significant. For example, poor ICT infrastructure can result in schools needing to invest more in technical support, tech refresh, upgrade and repairs. A planned programme of design, investment and support will reduce long term costs.



Good ICT infrastructure should be reliable and seamless. When staff trust that their systems and infrastructure work, they can use them to reduce workload by improving communication, collaboration and planning.  Reliable systems also eliminate the need for teachers to prepare alternative approaches, should technology fail.


Are your premises and the pupils secure?  Is access managment effective and safe?  Do you have appropriate monitoring for physical and cyber security?  Avernco has a suite of systems which provide a comprehensive security solution for schools, colleges and universities.

See the video of our project with Standart Group in Turkey.  A full School Campus build with integrated tech.