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Social housing is always changing and adapting to meet the needs of a growing population, not to mention adhering to standards issued by the government. But no matter how fast social housing changes, technology invariably changes faster.


At Avernco, we know that new technology and software is often exciting, groundbreaking and can promise a new era of productivity and efficiency. Yet housing providers are often unable to keep up, and can find themselves restricted by budgets, support agreements, and the fear inherent in any large-scale change. Very often the IT department’s skill-set is not kept up-to-date, and staff can find themselves out of their depth.

The issue is global, many housing providers find themselves committed to keeping outdated software, simply so that they do not break their support agreements. Unable to upgrade they are caught between a desire to update, and a resistance to the investment. Avernco offers a range of viable ICT solutions to take advantage of the latest technology and unleash the power of the cloud. 


Legacy systems can be hard to move away from. Often, the existing business-critical systems are to blame, with the culprits usually old technology and difficulties in managing connections to other systems. Avernco can help you take a step in the right direction, especially when we help identify common formats for data exchange. Our expert architects can help provide connectivity and an integrated system, supported by software developers who understand the complexity of interfacing two disparate pieces of software. 


Nearly all of the major housing management systems offer their users great flexibility in how they are configured. Yet this flexibility is often the greatest stumbling block when it comes to effective integration. The desire for interfaces is often used to disguise the fact that the existing processes haven’t been thought through in the first place. Perhaps more time should be spent fine-tuning the process before trying to fix it with another addition to the software?

The future of software will be cloud computing, with new technologies such as Google Wave making genuine improvements to the web experience. Explore your options for optimisation with Avernco.



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