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At the core of Avernco is our ability to architect, design and engineer IT solutions with an unparalleled level of quality. We understand the importance of listening to customers and tailoring approaches. This results in maximum benefit and value for money, whilst allowing our clients to confidently deliver on their technology strategies.

Avernco operates across a variety of sectors, with a proven track record and partnerships which have over 75 years of combined design experience in highly secure, regulated and complex environments. Our consultants and architects are well known and respected in the circles that they operate within.

Our Architecture as a Service (AaaS) product presents a fully scalable and flexible engineering option to our clients. Those adopting this approach are able to ‘flex’ the service up or down in line with project and resourcing demands. All of our AaaS engagements are scoped precisely for stakeholder needs and have the added benefit of continuous review and improvement via our dedicated account managers.

Our highly qualified consultants will produce detailed site design documentation that is based upon the latest architectural processes and industry standards. This will reflect best-practices and recommendations on areas such as high availability, reliability, resilience, security, performance and manageability. We have the knowledge, ability and the experience to provide bespoke solutions to a wide variety of clients. You can be sure that your entire project will be professionally managed with uncompromising levels of quality, service and safety.

Avernco can take care of all aspects of your project including project management, building audits and any necessary infrastructure and cabling. We can supplement your existing networking and IT staff with our technical experts, who work on site to help plan, design, test and implement.


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