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Every Intelligent City or  Building Starts With Design

An Intelligent infrastructure project will consist of structures and buildings  in which the use of technology and process, create a safer and more productive environment for users and are more operationally efficient for owners.

The key parameters and enablers of
intelligent buildings are networks and systems which support a wide range of sensors and sub systems. With the progression of technology, including mass data analytics, BIM, augmented reality and machine learning,  increase the scope of capability and flexibility regarding architecture, performance and green credentials.

SMART Cities and Intelligent buildings with integrated technology wil reduce waste, optimise the environment, decrease total cost of ownership and provide insights that will shape the next generation of service to enhance our lives and reduce the impact on the environment.

Intelligent Buildings from Avernco
Avernco design and deliver Intelligent Building solutions to operate across one common platform. An Intelligent Building solution from Avernco will fully harness multiple
technologies in order to to:


  1.  Provide an effective, safe and environmentally friendly space

  2.  Optimise your business processes and user experience

  3.  Ensure physical and cyber security

  4.  Reduce operational cost