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Modular and Deployable ICT

Technology and Connectivity. Wherever You Need IT




Around the world, there are significant ICT, cloud computing and storage needs in areas with adverse conditions. Low communication, disrupted network availability and limited access to specialized infrastructure would have previously prevented taking advantage of technology and connectivity to the cloud computing.


Avernco’s innovative solutions, solves this by bringing connectivity to these environments, providing edge devices and data center scale compute resources closest to where they're needed. These systems are ideal for humanitarian assistance, social projects in Africa, South America, The Middle East and Eastern Europe. They can support the Oil and Gas industry, mineral exploration, civil engineering projects and government building programmes.  Each self-contained data system can come in a ruggedized, radio frequency-shielded unit and is designed to ‘plug and play’ with minimum effort.

Our Modular ICT Systems are designed to be compatible with a wide range of prefabricated buildings.  Our design engineers work with architects and manufacturers to design and build modular ICT systems which integrate perfectly with the building infrastructure and are optimised for rapid build.

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