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Avernco solutions are designed to be seamlessly delivered in the Cloud, and can significantly reduce your technology hardware and software costs. You will avoid the burden of setup, deployment and maintenance.


You won''t be responsible for ongoing maintenance, backups or security protocols; and with internet access, you will have secure access from anywhere.

Avernco has teamed with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a trusted world leader in cloud services to deliver the best Cloud solutions on the most advanced cloud platform. Our partnership with AWS brings global scale, proven expertise and physical security that is unmatched by any individual vendor’s data center.

  • Complete disaster recovery and BCP

  • Regular monitoring and scanning for virus and malware

  • Secure encryption for data transmission and storage using the very latest encryption technology

  • 24x7 access and monitoring

  • Automatic daily updates and multiple backups

  • Optimised IT costs

When it comes to storing and accessing massive amounts of data by your company or organization, cloud data services are a cost-effective alternative to setting up and running a data center.

The cloud provider performs ongoing maintenance and updates, often owning multiple data centers in several geographic locations to safeguard your data during outages and other failures.

A data center traditionally refers to server hardware on your premises to store and access data through your local network. It is typically maintained by an in-house IT department on your company's payroll. [If Are you interested in cloud storage solutions for your business?  Please contact us]


If you're deciding between using a cloud service and building your own data center, here are three factors to help you make the right choice for your company.

1. Customizable vs. scalable 

A data center is ideal for companies that need a dedicated system that gives them full control over not only their data but the hardware itself. Because only the company is using this hardware infrastructure, a data center is more suited for an organization that has to run many types of applications and complex workloads.

A data center, however, has limited capacity. You're responsible for purchasing and installing more equipment and the latest technology if your company needs to expand the storage and workload of the data center.

A cloud data system has potentially unlimited capacity, based on your vendor's offerings and service plans. The disadvantage is that you do not have as much control over the remotely located hardware, since the cloud vendor owns and manages the data center system. Furthermore, unless you pay to have a private cloud within the vendor's network, your company will be sharing hardware resources with other cloud users.

2. Security
With a cloud vendor, your company will be entrusting its data to a third party. It's up to the cloud provider to ensure it has the most up-to-date security certifications. If your cloud resides on several data centers in different locations, each location will need the proper security measures.

Your cloud data can be accessed by anyone with the proper credentials from anywhere with an internet connection. This is convenient, but it also opens a wide array of access points, all of which need to be protected to ensure that data transmitted through them is secure.

Avernco  has a history of designing specialist prefabricated building elements particularly where there is a cross over between mechanical and electrical services, structure and high quality architectural finishes.

This unusual mix of skills: designers skilled in the rigor of prefabricated concepts and competent in the architecture of the 

Data Centre resulted in a solution utilizing a variety of prefabricated items and working methods to build a component package. 

Avernco will create a solution for either an existing building or a green field site using this technique. 

The system utilizes production products where the cost and software 

are certain for each element and all elements have improved resilience.

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