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All around us technology is revolutionising the way we live, work, play and communicate. It is happening so quickly that it becomes hard to remember what it was like before the Internet, smart phones and wireless data.


Advances in digital design tools, inter-connectedness and computer-controlled fabrication are converging to transform every phase of the design and build process. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a simple enough idea: a single digital model of a building that everyone — architect, client, suppliers, builders, environmental managers — can work on.

In our quest for Intelligent Buildings and integrated technology we have embraced BIM in its infancy. We’re still shaping the tool,  because it will shape the structures we live in. We are adopting  design within a 3D modelling context, beyond Computer Aided Drafting (CAD). 3D modelled buildings 'Digital Twins; can be analysed and optimised for performance, be used to control costs, provide immersive Virtual Reality experiences and photorealistc renderings and animations. The software and the project data is also changing, from being desktop-bound to platform agnostic, everpresent, always on and always up to date.

BIM maturity levels.  Definitions for levels of BIM maturity from Level 0, through Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 on to 4D BIM and beyond.   Click Here


The concept of “BIM Levels” has become the ‘accepted’ definition of what criteria are required to be deemed BIM-compliant, by seeing the adoption process as the next steps in a journey that has taken the industry from the drawing board to the computer and, ultimately, into the digital age.

Avernco is able to prive a full BIM 360 service including data repository, training and automation consulancy to support your project.












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The BIM Periodic Table