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We are independent specialists in data protection, not just software suppliers. With a product range of carefully selected, industry-leading software and around-the-clock UK-based specialist support we’re your trusted partner in the fight against data loss and non-compliance.

Our independent data protection specialists already work with several FTSE 100 companies to Protect data, Detect threats to networks and systems and respond quickly. Our  knowledge and experience are  unmatched and our team goes beyond simple protection. We secure the entire journey of your data, from consultancy and technical design, right through to installation, training and support,


Each member of the Avernco team is an expert in data protection in their own right. That means, when you pick up the phone and give us a call, you can be confident that you are talking to someone who is an expert.  We understand our clients and the challenges they face and we’ll spend the  time to gain an understanding your business, before we provide totally unbiased advice on the best products on the market for you.  we adhere to NSCS CAF Guidlines as best practice


After we help you to identify the most effective approach to securing your data we provide design expertise  to refine and consolidate plans and strategies. With your team we will deploy the best solutions, incorporating third party software and integrating systems where necessary. Our expertise in project and programme managment means that your project will stay in line with schedule and cost performance targets. Our dedication is critical to our success and is something that we continue to be very proud of.


Our team are  experienced in developing training that is both cost effective and time efficient for all kinds of organisations, from multinational corporations to government-owned public bodies to make the most of the your time and money.

We work closely with Cybergym UK - Click HERE for more on our immersive cyber training lab and watch the cyberguard video which represents some of the techniques used in our Cybergym arenas  Watch Video

Security Services

The rapidly evolving landscape of cyber security means that it can difficult to stay  ahead of the bad guys. Avernco specialists immerse themslelves in this ever changing world and while they live and breathe cyber security threats they are thinking about how to help you with your cyber posture and and threat mitigation processes.  We will help you to identify the vulnerabilities in your security systems  by carrying out a thorough assessment of your current approach  and discovering the blind spots that could leave you open to a high impact attack.