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The rapid increase in flexible working means enterprise and public sector continuity is now dependent on the reliability of wireless networking. AVERNCO  delivers integrated Wi-Fi solutions that bring immediate cost benefits to any network, delivering high-capacity, high-performance, reliable connectivity. With ubiquitous access to this level of wireless infrastructure, you can mobilise your workforce, improve productivity and significantly increase returns on your IT investment.


In intelligent buildings we transform networks into true business assets by leveraging wireless connectivity to underpin business-critical operations and create always connected environments, from direct location-based services to process control and automation. Our modular and deployable ICT systems  require us to  work closely with our clients, so we can create the right solutions that take full account of your unique circumstances.

AVERNCO has an outstanding track record in creating and managing Wi-Fi for the public sector and enterprise. Time and time again, our creative, inventive solutions have enhanced the user journey and incorporated promotional opportunities to make Wi-Fi a cost-effective, sustainable option for all. Fully independent, we are free to work with the very best technology vendors to deliver enterprise-level quality, reliability and performance. Solutions include hosted cloud technology alongside more traditional centralised systems, coupled with comprehensive service and support packages.

With more than 20 years’ experience delivering Wi-Fi solutions, we understand the array of challenges businesses and the public sector face when trying to balance coverage and running costs and there are many ways we can help. We deliver on time, on budget, bringing technologies together to make everything simpler, safer, faster and stronger.