Building Facade

Secure Messaging

We never share your data - private means private.

E2E Encryption



1.  Hosted by us: 

Suitable as a SaaS offering for smaller teams, administered and supported by our team.

2.  PaaS Offering: 

An SDK customised to match your brand and security policies and hosted on your dedicated cloud infrastructure.

3.  Hosted on premis:

Total privacy. For those seeking the highest levels of security.

Unlike mass market messaging apps we never gather or share your data .  Sometimes basic encryption and security is not enough  If you want the assurance of absolute control – our modular platform is configurable to your needs.  The entire solution can be deployed behind your firewalls, on your own hardware/servers wherever they are.

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Our unique systems can help you gain top level accrediation for your system and your data will remain in your custody throughout. This  reduces the risks of user profiling and network / user traffic analysis.  Our platform also secures the valuable intelligence that can be derived from call logs and geo-location tools. This fundementally sets security on your terms as you will define the terms and conditions for usage  yourself. Logs, records and data storage retention are defined by you, managed by you, and owned by you.

Combining control of user data and a bespoke User Management Console ensures that there is ultimate control of the secure communications network and who is using it.

rom the outset, Security has been at the forefront of every design, development, and implementation decision. We have only added features consider essential to the system’s functionality. Anything that increases the attack surface has been carefully assessed and in many cases ruled out or switched off.

We use  the latest encryption ensuring forward and backward secrecy, crystal clear call quality,  reliability and connectivity.