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Avernco's mission is to transform the construction and manufacturing indusry in healthcare, education, hospitality and social housing. Modular manufacturing with integrated technology methods will deliver the increases in speed, quality, sustainability and connectivity we need.


The construction and manufacturing sectors are vital in kickstarting the global economy. The demand for hospitals, schools, major civil engineering projects, new destinations and cutting edge manufacturing facilities is immense and urgent. We are facing a global housing crisis in some of the poorest and most inaccessible places on earth.


Traditional building methods will not meet the demand in terms of time, cost and sustainability. We are also entering the 4th Industrial revolution and the opportunities to exploit emerging technologies in SMART buildings of all types are massive.
The global construction industry is one of the craft industries yet to fully embrace the technology age.  


Gradual evolution isn’t enough. We are pursuing rapid, transformational change on a massive scale. Avernco works alongside manufacturers, designers and builders to ensure that structures have fully integrated technology solutions whilst our unique modular ITC Systems can be integrated into permanent structures or deployed to provide ITC capability, connectivity and computing power anywhere in the world.

While we execute on this mission, we ensure the physical and digital safety and security is at the heart of everything we do.

Intelligent Buildings

Modular and Deployable ICT

Safety and Security


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Intelligent Buildings

Technology Integration

Intelligent buildings, using SMART Technoloes will continue to emerge as a major pillar of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  M+SMART Buildings will be integrated into SMART Cities and our teams focus on incorporating the best new cloud,  IoT, data analytics and ICT technology along with all our other services to ensure fully integrated Intelligent Buildings. 

This is the key to offering the elasticity necessary for critical compute and storage resources required for a variety of systems which underpin, design, architecture, manufacturing, construction and facilities management.


Safety and


Physical and Cyber Security


The seamless interconnection of systems and devices could  make smart buildings vulnerable and susceptible for cyber-attacks with expensive and destructive consequences.  At Avernco we understand the importance of designing security into every system we offer.

Cyber Security - Our designs, tools and processes ensure that cyber-attacks on smart buildings do not hinder business continuity or result in significant damage from operational downtime, data losses, financial losses or threats to public safety.

Physical Security - The physical security and integrity of your assets are equally as important. Avernco offers a full suite of physical security solutions and services.


Health and Safety - Our work in construction and manufacturing, as well as our involvement in multiple market segments has taught us that the Health and Safety of your people is paramount.  We offer services such as training, compliance, inspection and audits to ensure the highest standards are maintained.


Modular and Deployable ITC 

Integrated ITC Solutions 

At Avernco we offer fully integrated ITC Solutions for a wide range of buildings:  Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Residential, Social Housing, Industrial and Municipal.


We design integrated solutions alongside the architectural process to ensure systems are optimised.  Our range of Deployable solutions support projects across the globe and in remote, inhospitable locations. Our 'plug and play' systems arrive ready to use and are provisioned and managed remotely